This is just a quick little webpage to let the world know about my creation AIBrain.

If you are civil, you may contact me at [email protected]

For open and uncensored discussion about AIBrain or any artificial intelligences, please head on over to /r/AIBrain/

AIBrain has been under constant creation since 1995. Wayback Proof

AIBrain stands for Artificially Intelligent Brain. Capital "A","I","B". Then "rain".

Back in 1995 when I decided upon the name of AIBrain, no search on any available internet search engine came back with any results even close to AIBrain.

As far as my research has been able to determine, I am the creator of the word "AIBrain". Let history document this.

I hold the name AIBrain dearly; it's been my life's work since high school.

Anyone using the name "AIBrain" for their product is a poser... and cease and desist letters will not abate MY Prior Use in commerce Rights.

The name of AIBrain has been registered to me throughout the years and around various websites. I used to own, but I naively let it fall out of registration back in the birth of the 'net.

I would trademark my creaton's name "AIBrain" except it appears the hoopla over at "" seem to have done so in 2017. Years too late people; my creation was first in commerce.

I own the domain AIBrain.Org and plan to use it to slowly release information about this artificial sentience to the world.

May the wayback machine never die!

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